Draft Animals in the Past, Present and Future

We’re delighted to share news from our friends at AIMA, the International Association of Agricultural Museums.

Draft Animals in the Past, Present and Future

In 2021, AIMA President Claus Kropp co-ordinated an international, digital conference which saw participants from all over the world discussing the history, preservation, training and future of draught animals. The proceedings of the conference are a comprehensive result of these efforts.

For thousands of years, draught animals played a key role in the survival of many cultures. Even today, they secure the livelihoods of millions of people worldwide. Whether in transport, agriculture or forestry, draught animals can provide sustainable, environmentally friendly and economically valuable forms of land use. Nevertheless, there are many challenges, be it the pressure of profit-oriented markets or politics, in the field of animal welfare, breeding and livestock farming. In addition, the total number of draught animals is declining.

You can download Draft Animals in the Past, Present and Future here>>

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